Photo of Nancy Jo Gilchrist

"A 20+year veteran, with up-to-the minute, fresh, exciting work. Gorgeous color, that is NOT photoshopped or retouched! Extremely helpful with beginners, or anyone that needs to market themselves better."
          - Stuart Stone, Stuart Stone Casting

"Many photographers have been recommended to me over the years. But no one has measured up to the consistent quality of Nancy Jo. I always have a difficult time narrowing down choices because there are so many great shots to choose from. Leading men/women, kids or characters, I have always been impressed. Her shots are brilliant."
- Ric Beddingfield, personal manager
            to Josh Hutcherson

"Nancy Jo is truly one of the best - I'm always sending my actors to her. She really works with the essence of the actor - and the results are amazing. Beautiful shots that really capture who the actor is - not just another pretty face."
- Michael J. Sonntag, acting coach, Studio C Artists

"I have been in the Entertainment Industry since 1988 both as an Agent and Casting Director. My experience with Nancy Jo as an agent has been most successful. When my clients were not getting auditions, I would have them shoot with Nancy Jo and their audition rates sky-rocketed! When casting a film and pouring through thousands of pictures, Nancy Jo's work would leap out. I would encourage all actors at any stage of their career to shoot with Nancy Jo."
- Karen Rae, Agent & Casting Director

"I love sending actors to Nancy Jo. She always manages to find their true essence and make it sparkle on film."
- Wendy Thorlakson, Producer

"Nancy Jo Gilchrist, all I can say is: you feel at home with her; she makes you feel like a superstar,and she gets the best out of you and presents a wonderful picture that gets you called in many times by the top casting directors."
- Linda Rheinschild, Actor

"Nancy Jo knows how to dig deep into your soul to give you headshots that bring you work. And I've gotten a lot of work!"
- David Reivers, Actor


Nancy takes only one person a day and gives you her undivided attention, as you deserve the same HIGH QUALITY that is on her site. Her shoots include FREE consultations, where you will collaborate on HAIR, WARDROBE and "TYPE" concepts.
You will be PREPARED to have an amazing session!

Prices run from $300 to $750.

Rates vary, so don't hesitate to contact Nancy with your special request. EMAIL or call 818-693-1457 to discuss your package option. Nancy is passionate about working with anyone that is the right fit!

MAKEUP & HAIR     $100-$150
See: MORE ON MAKEUP (including before & afters)
NO TAX & NO CHARGE for ALL your files, day of shoot!

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Nancy's guarantee is: That after 25 years
she knows what she is doing!

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