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PRIOR TO THE SHOOT  You will 1st contact me, most likely through EMAIL. Before we actually have our first in-depth conversation, I will have you send me some info, most importantly a current photo, but also old headshots, Facebook photos, resume/bio, and anything else you'd like to tell me about yourself. If you are working with representation, I'd like to know who, and what they are looking for. I am willing to contact them for you as well, as it is helpful to include them in our process. If you are looking for new representation, it is important to define what it is you want to say about yourself. I will get a complete feel for your markets and branding, as well as your true, authentic self. We combine the two to create the right looks. My pre-production guidance includes suggestions for hair and wardrobe. If you would benefit from either a slight or drastic change in hair, I can make suggestions, and give you excellent referrals if you need them. Getting prepared always makes the shoot go smoothly. When you decide to shoot with me, there are many phone conversations going over any and all details, so you may trust that I know who you are and what your goals are. I make sure you are completely comfortable that I 'get you' before you even get here. And because I only shoot one person a day, I can give you all the time in the world.

To see some great BEFORE & AFTERS, CLICK HERE.

DAY OF THE SHOOT   When you arrive, I greet you like a personal friend. The shooting area is spacious, open, beautiful and a completely serene environment. I build sets using natural light, and have countless background options, simple to more lifestyle. You choose what you like, but we don't have to go 'on location', it's all right here. You come in and have plenty of time to get settled, and then we start to discuss our collaboration and go over all of your details. I listen to you because
I want you to achieve your goals with these pictures. Your dreams are important to me. While we are chatting, I sit you on a stool facing a mirror, in the light we will be shooting in. This is a huge opportunity for us both to observe you, and make any corrections that we can. Getting rid of 'distractions' will make you more photogenic. Practicing corrections before we start is so helpful to you when we are actually shooting. I also strive to teach you that things we cannot change should be embraced, rather than accepted; these are the things that make you interesting and unique. This is also a good time to work on posture, body language, breath-work & energy. And I teach you how to connect on a highly intimate and personal level. The most INTERESTING thing about you is who you truly are. We need to get that or your photo would look like everyone else's. I value someone looking interesting in a photo as much or more than being good-looking. Everyone in L.A. is good-looking. Your photo should and will say MORE.

WARDROBE   I make sure your clothes reflect the markets you are wanting to hit. We had previously gone over your ideas, and you have spent the time collecting great choices for us to go over now that you are here. So, now we are picking the best of the best. While marketing is important, I always want to add the flavor of your personal touch.
You will be confident that we have chosen wisely. After 20+ years,
I can see how the camera will see, and help you to make strong choices.

MAKE-UP & HAIR   The make-up is clean, fresh and amazing. It is applied by me ( as ALL of the shots on my site have been done) .
I will show you everything I do as I go. Not only will you be included in the process & encouraged to give feedback, you will be in control of what you look like. The goal is a natural approach that makes you look like you ... on a really good day!
including Before & After photos with NO retouching!

THE SHOOT   My shoots are easy and fun. I direct you simply in a loose, movement-oriented, natural environment. I don't use lights or meters, just you, me and one hand-held camera. I am very organic, non-technical, connected and truthful, yet extremely detail-oriented. I use clean, beautiful natural light. I do not shoot at you; we collaborate together to create personal, empowered images that reflect your energy and what you bring with you when you 'enter the room'. We look at all your shots as we work, so you can eliminate, correct and raise your bar. We shoot until your heart sings!

AFTER THE SHOOT   It just takes a few minutes to edit your files (we shoot about 100 per LOOK), and put them into iPhoto. As we are looking at them on a very large screen, I make a DVD for you at NO CHARGE, or bring your laptop or a flash-drive! I am also happy to "clean up" as many as we can, also at no charge, and send them to your email so you may start using them right away. It is very exciting to see all the great work that we did together come alive for you. You will now have your own BREAKTHROUGH HEADSHOT! Expect great things...


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